Monday, September 5, 2011

Best Friend

Tonight I want to share a card that I made for my neighbor.  My husband and I have been blessed to find  neighbors that share our same Christian values and are the type of people that you can ask them for anything.
We both have this unspoken open house thing where we can call and go borrow items, also we both have frequent house guest which result in overflow situations.  Last month we housed her family members for a reunion and then this month they are housing family for us during the wedding.
I make many cards for them and they are always displayed in the kitchen until the next one arrives.  So, I did this card, put it in a frame and now I will make more cards so they can change them out for the season.
I used too many Copic markers to even write down, did some airbrushing and used a decorative border punch.
I hope you have a good holiday weekend. ~Nancy~

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