Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Garden

Today I wanted to share a picture of my garden.  I really don't have much experience with gardening except for the basic basil plants on the back porch.  We live in a rural area where the deer get to munch on everything you put in the ground.  Last year I planted some tomato's, cucumbers, cabbage, and a few herbs. They were planted in an area that is somewhat secluded and close to the house.  I didn't really have any problems with the deer, so this year I wanted to plant a few more things and focus on the items we use the most.
Well with that said, my husband also was looking at a vertical garden concept and so we started investigating those possibilities and how we could build it.  After looking at many pictures and considering the areas that we felt would be the best for our environment, we constructed the framework.
The metal vertical part was left over at our office from a cabling support system and the plant holders are from the dollar store.  Believe it not, they are children's butterfly nets.  I lined them with the cocofiber mat and filled them with potting soil and plants.
Not sure how this will work, but it seems to be perfect for what we want.  
Thanks for stopping by today.

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