Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Special Neighbors

Have you ever gone to your kitchen and started to make dinner and right in the middle you find out that you are missing an ingredient or just don't have enough to finish.  Well that has happened to me and it happens to one of my neighbors all the time.  We are always calling each other and saying...'do you have any...'
Luckily we keep the same things in our pantry and 99% of the time we score.
So today I want to show you a card that I made for and onion exchange, just to say thinks when I replace the product.  I have some cool little stamps that have seed packet design and they work so well for this type of special card.
I  made a little easel with mini clothes pins and a bar brad.  I used some odd scraps that I found on my desk which also allows me to clean up my work area.

Thanks for stopping by and stay out of the cold.

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