Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Plain Simple

Today I wanted to just make a simple card and play a little.  I have the Tim Holtz crayons and really haven't had much time to give them the love they deserve.  I unfortunately didn't take step by step pictures as I made this card, but the background was made with the crayons on watercolor paper.  Using a stencil and a baby wipe I created the background design. I found no way that any photograph would show the small design that I also put on the background using another stencil and clear gel medium.
I promise you, its there and looks cool in person.
 I stamped a design, added a couple of accent flowers and a sentiment.

I hope you had a good holiday weekend.  I got to spend some valuable time with my fabulous husband and a splendid convertible ride.

Thanks for stopping by today,


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