Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Cleaning

I needed to spend some time today cleaning up my workspace before it got totally out-of-hand.
I must admit that when I clean I get very distracted and usually make a bigger mess than I started with.  
Having enough stuff, the result is three cards made from the scraps and pieces parts laying around. So it looks like today was no different than any other cleaning day.

Also on my list was going through my various markers and throwing out the ones that have dried up. Not too many hit the trash but obviously I have too many markers and the purge was good.

This card was from extra stamped flowers and die cut pieces.

Practicing a little pencil coloring using a Power Poppy image. 
Attaching an un-used sentiment.

Extra stamped and embossed image only required a quick Copic color while watching TV.

Ok, so things are much cleaner now and I'm going to finish watching the Oscars.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.



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