Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hey Culligan Man!

Okay, so you're probably thinking I'm crazy.... but today I had to wait for the Culligan Man to come deliver salt and I thought what a better way for me to use my time than to color something fun.
I selected this stamp from Hampton Art that allows me to do one of my favorite techniques.

I love using these types of stamps that have background areas I can color using a solid gray tone.  I wanted to practice using some vibrant colors that would stand out from the gray.
You can also see that I didn't get a perfect blend between my colors. As I try to continue to step out of the box and use colors that are NOT in a natural Copic blending group, I find you can get fabulous results even though the coloring is not perfect.  
I matted my colored piece several times using fun foam and kept this card simple.
Listed below are my color combo's

Y02                    G00                 E51               RV02              RV0000                YG23
RV06                  BG02              BV00            RV04              BV02
Y38                    BG49              E11                RV06              B23                       W5

Thanks for stopping by today.