Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Final Challenge of Level 3 - AECP

I'm so excited to share with you my Final Challenge for my Level 3 Altenew Certification.

This last part has been in the works for about 30 days which included lesson plans, organizing participants, scheduling my workshop and then FINALLY,  the day arrived.

The Final Challenge given to me was: 
  • to teach in a classroom setting with 4-10 students
  • email my progress and workshop details to Altenew leadership
  • share my workshop live with Altenew leadership via Google Hangout 
  • post o my blog the final student projects and my reflections

These are the three cards I designed for my workshop using the
Peony Bouquet Stamp and Die Set

Everyone working hard on stamp alignment

This was the first time all 6 students had experimented with Altenew layering stamps and 
I must admit there were some challenges, but once the class finished the first card there was definitely that 'Wow' moment.
This class has put the excitement in me that I love, which is teaching new techniques to people and then seeing the beautiful results achieved.

I want to share some of the final cards for a closer look.

Here's everyone with their completed cards.

Lastly, I want to thank friends, students and my fabulous husband for their support during this last 30 days.
I can't wait to teach another Altenew Class.





  1. Wonderful blog. I love Altenew as well. It does take some time to get those layers all lined up but once you get through the first time the outcome is soooo pretty I can't wait to do the next set. You all have a great time learning!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting and your words of encouragement. I'm planning a new class for them to try soon.


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  3. You did it!!!!!!!! Congratulations on running this successful workshop! I had the pleasure of viewing the entire process and you were SUPERB! So glad that you are able to share the class with us at AECP!

    1. Thanks so much Virginia. I love to teach and I’m so fortunate to have space, a local brick and mortar store and students wanting to try new things.