Saturday, March 8, 2014

So Do You Know What Day It Is................ Super Scraps Saturday!!!!!!

Today is another Super Scraps day at Hiding In My Craft Room.  I think this is one of my favorite challenge days.  I usually have been working on three or four blog projects and by this time it is time to clean off my crafting desk.  This is a fun challenge because I have so much to choose from by this day and the card goes together pretty fast.  Well this week I got my card finished early because while my Fabulous  husband upgraded my PC last weekend I completed several cards.  
So without further ado....
I'm not sure I even put a dent in my mess, but I also have about 6 other small cards ready to go when needed.  Thanks Bill for the new upgrades!!
I hope everyone has a great day, I'll be crafting with some friends for the day.

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  1. Nancy, what a GREAT card! Love how you use what you have left after several projects to do this scraps challenge...since I am scrapping at my dining room table right now while waiting (like forever) for people to pick up my old craft tables so I can get my new one in there and get "organized again, I try to clean up after each project (usually I would clean up weekly...Okay, monthly. lol) So anyway, I love the scraps challenge, too, but I go to my scraps bin to find what I need. :) Again, I LOVE your card...especially the owl flair. I just LOVE it!!! Thanks for the inspiration in more ways than one. ;)

    Kathy HIMCR DT